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My role

Wireframe design
boutique locator and make reservation

Project Overview


Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian luxury fashion brand and its business is all over Europe, North America, and East Asia. They were holding Opera Collection tour in China from October to November 2019.


The goal is to build a WeChat Mini-Program with booking feature for Opera Collection - Fall&Winter 2019. After discussing with the client and our UX, marketing team, we broke down tasks into three parts: browsing opera collections, finding my nearest boutique, and making & managing the reservations.

My role is to design the 'find the boutique' and 'make&manage reservations'.

Brand research

To identify a style guide, our UX team did some online research about the brand philosophy behind Brunello Cucinelli and made several meetings with our client to further dive into their brand image. It’s our responsibility to incorporate its core values and philosophy into mobile experience to keep brand consistency. From the research, we came up with several points:

1. focus on the humanistic essence of craftsmanship
2. not use more resources than it is necessary or natural
3. act as loyal and affectionate guardians of creation
4. adopt the harmonization of profit and giving back, use and benefit


Overall, Brunello Cuccinelli empathizes on humanistic and minimalist design showing respect towards humankind and nature

In terms of features, this project has clear goals and a low information density. Therefore, flat and minimalist design would be a good solution to apply in this case, which means we need to apply the least elements to demonstrate a clear user flow. 

On the humanistic side, it’s essential to add illustrations and new forms of information visualization to engage users into the mobile experience.

User flow

This is a complete user flow from locating a boutique to managing reservations, which gives a clear overview to guide the following UX/UI design.


Wireframe Design

Based on the user flow, I made low-fi for main pages and created the wireframe. I will explain the design process specifically in the following sections.



design concepts

Here list the design concept of three main pages: find the boutique, make reservation and manage reservations.


Find the Boutique

Incorporate tour info into address

Both Map view and boutique list

Tour reservation

Submission form design

Use simple illustrations to display different city choices and visiting time selection

Manage reservations

In the form of invitation letters

Use a classic way of communication to bridge users and digital world; also, allow customers to embrace distinguished service and respect from the brand

*More design details will be updated soon...

*Due to NDA, if you would love to know more design details, please email me.


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